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After Ottomans Left

Defeat of the Ottoman army at Vienna in 1683 announced imminent collapse of Ottoman rule in this region. Osijek was liberated from the Ottoman Empire on September 26th 1687, after 161 years of Ottoman rule. Ottoman army was engulfed with panic and great fear when they heard about approaching Christian imperial army led by General Hans Dünnewald and Count Ivan Drašković. They started running away from Osijek to nearby towns Đakovo and Vukovar. To prevent people from fleeing, Ottoman commander Jafar Bey ordered closing of the city gates. When the night fell, Ottomans began fleeing with their women and children through the city walls. In the morning, Jafar Bey got scared himself and he fled also.

Austrian imperial army entered the empty city where they found several mosques, public buildings, dozens of homes suitable for living, 52 cannons, lot of weapons with ammunition and an abundance of food. Once town with lots of economic power, nothing was left of the Osijek in that sense. With the departure of its inhabitants, an entire civilization disappeared and new era has begun for Osijek. Small town suddenly found itself far away from the events in Europe and a bit lost on the outskirts of Austrian Empire. However, closeness of the Ottoman border will affect the further development of Osijek.